Fibromyalgia: What Does It Really Mean?

Dr. Chris Heimlich D.C., Founder of the Arizona Fibromyalgia Institute, elaborates …

With the big pharmaceutical companies scrambling to create and market new drugs to treat fibromyalgia, it behooves us to ask the question: What is fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia sufferer’s have several things in common, including: widespread achy muscle pain, fatigue, insomnia, and “fibro fog.” Given these similarities it is not the same for every individual that is given this diagnosis, or “label” if you will.

These symptoms are REAL. Those that get diagnosed with fibromyalgia suffer in ways that most could never comprehend. Their fight seems never-ending, and those that are closest to them, can’t grasp, can’t comprehend, their daily struggle and pain. On the outside they look “normal”. It appears they should have no problems at all, but they hurt all over, can’t sleep, and are often unable to get words out or perform at the same level mentally because their brain seems “cloudy” or “foggy”.

This daily struggle of symptoms and misunderstanding is the reality for a Fibromyalgia sufferer. The truth is they have a lot of functional problems occurring at the SAME TIME…immune dysfunction, gastrointestinal dysfunction, brain and nervous system weaknesses, hormone imbalances, adrenal imbalances, intestinal dysbiosis, among other things.

It may be a different combination and different degree of these components from person to person, but they are there. They have to be measured, and specific changes have to be made in order to help them get back to normal living again.

To the medical community…to most doctors, Fibromyalgia is a convenient label they put on patients. It allows them to brush the patient off. The moment they attribute the symptoms to “Fibromyalgia”, it prevents them from looking for a deeper understanding of the underlying problem. The label is a hindrance for many…because the next step is drugs that rob them of personality and have nasty side effects, or the patient is told nothing is wrong “it’s all in your head.”

To us Fibromyalgia is just a label that doesn’t tell us how to help you. We look beyond the label, and look at EVERYTHING, ALL AT ONCE. We know that if we take a BIG PICTURE approach and look at you like a WHOLE person, then we can create life changing results. It takes a step “outside the box”, and complete focus on the individual, but Fibromyalgia can be eliminated.

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