A Huge Fibromyalgia Treatment Mistake To Avoid

Dr. Chris Heimlich DC, Phoenix Metro Area Fibromyalgia Doctor Comments:

One of the biggest mistakes I see with patients that are not getting good results from their Fibromyalgia Treatment is thinking that they have had all the correct tests to figure out what is causing the Fibromyalgia Symptoms.

Well, usually many of you woman have seemingly had every test done under the sun. Most of the women I consult with who are suffering with Fibromyalgia have had MRI’s, CT scans, NCV’s, EKG’s, basic blood work, psyche evaluations, colonoscopies……. Now all of these tests do have their merit. They can rule out some very ugly pathology. Here is what I have found. After spending two days at the big diagnostic clinics, they come out with the same thing they had before: a report that says that the labs are “normal” and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

The truth is zero functional testing has been done.

Research shows that Fibromyalgia has a huge Neurological component. It makes sense that if you have a neurological problem, then you need to get a functional neurological examination to get to the bottom of what is causing your fibromyalgia.

A functional neurological examination doesn’t just look for pathology of the brain and nervous system, but also for different subtle clues and findings to let the doctor know how the different parts of the brain are communicating with each other. If the different parts of the brain are not communicating with each other, then the brain, and body, will not work correctly. When this happens, it is called a Function Disconnect, or Functional Disconnection Syndrome.

Many things can contribute to the neurological problems of sufferers of Fibromyalgia. These factors are gastrointestinal dysfunction, hormone imbalances, immune dysfunction, intestinal dysbiosis and candida among other things. Success with fibromyalgia treatment depends on stepping back and looking at all the pieces of a patient’s health puzzle.

Don’t stop looking for the answers. You need to find a doctor that will do functional testing and look at the functional ranges of lab results and someone that will put all the pieces of your health puzzle together.

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