Brain Based Rehabilitation – The Brain Is A Bunch of Muscles

Dr. Chris Heimlich D.C. practicing in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ  ..elaborates:

I deal primarily with functional neurological and functional endocrine disorders.   Functional Brain Based Rehabilitation is a way to increase the function of…or strengthen weak areas of the brain and nervous system.

Although in reality the brain is not a bunch of muscles, you can think of it as a bunch of different muscles.  Sometimes the muscles are really strong and other times they are really weak. When the muscles…or different areas in the brain, become weak…it will begin to cause symptoms. Things like pain, fatigue, fast heart beat, insomnia, brain fog, and dizziness. The symptoms you get, depends on the area affected…and to what degree.

If we can identify the areas that are weak we CAN strengthen them through all sorts of non-drug methods. We can use sensory and motor stimuli to activate or strengthen these brain regions and help them to work properly.

We may do specific core exercises, non-linear complex movement, or eye movements to activate or strengthen different areas of the cerebellum. We may use targeting exercises or tactile stimulation to strengthen a weak parietal lobe.

The treatment is dictated by the diagnosis. In fibromyalgia, dizziness, chronic fatigue syndrome…almost any chronic illness…there is going to be some neurological dysfunction.

Research has shown that many of these disorders, like the ones I mentioned, have a primary neurological component. Of course there is still the issue of inflammation, hormones, blood sugar, adrenals, cortisol…etc that could affect our brain rehab…and we look at those things as well.

It just makes sense that neurological weakness would be treated this way. How is a drug ever going to fix a weak or degenerating cerebellum? If you have a weak bicep is there a pill to magically make it strong? Of course not. You have to exercise it. The same with the brain. This is why our drug-free brain based rehabilitation approach is so successful with neurological disorders.

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