Brain Based Rehabilitation – An Effective, Non-Drug, Approach to Fibromyalgia

Dr Chris Heimlich DC of Scottsdale AZ Comments:

I see patients looking for a cure for Fibromyalgia everyday in my office. The one thing that all of my patients have in common is…they are all different. Let’s face it…fibromyalgia has become sort of a garbage can diagnosis for most doctors. It’s the label they give patients when they don’t understand why they have pain all over.

Fibromyalgia patients spend a lot of unnecessary effort trying to get a doctor to diagnose them with Fibromyalgia.

Here’s the problem…the fibromyalgia diagnosis is a label…that gets you nothing. It tells you absolutely nothing about what needs to be done to fix the problem.

The medical community is scrambling…looking for the one pill that is going to fix everything. Bad news…it is not going to happen. Sure drug companies are going to make a truckload of money with every FDA approved drug for Fibromyalgia…but it is not going to fix anything. It’s not like a bacterial infection where you can take an antibiotic…kill the bacteria…and be done with it. Fibromyalgia is compeletely different.

The same goes for supplements.  There is not one supplement out there that is going to fix you.  I have patients that bring in bags of supplements.  One patient brought in 36 different supplements.  Sadly, she still felt like crud.

It overwhelmingly evident…from all the new research done on Fibromyalgia…that there is a brain based mechanism involved. The brain stem…specifically the mesencephalon, which fires and excites your sympathetic nervous system…is usually overactive in fibromyalgia patients. Still there are many causes for this…and they all must be thoroughly investigated…so a proper treatment strategy can be developed.

I use Functional Brain Based Therapy to functionally rehabilitate the brain and nervous system of a Fibromyalgia patient. In order to successfully do that…we must look at everything that plays a role in successfully accomplishing that goal.

For example…If a patient has an anemia pattern, as determined by laboratory testing, then this must be dealt with…or the Brain Based Rehabilitation will fail. If you can’t effectively move oxygen to your tissues…which is exactly what happens with anemia patients…then it doesn’t matter how much we activate or stimulate the brain…the rehab will fail. It would be like trying to start a car with no gas in the tank. If there is no gas in the tank the car is not going anywhere. Oxygen is fuel for the brain…and anemia patients lack proper fuel…so we fix that problem first.

So in my office we have success with fibromyalgia patients…because we treat them all differently. We measure everything…brain function, adrenal function, thyroid function, neurotransmitters, complete metabolic testing, viral testing, food sensitivity testing, adrenal testing….and THEN we decide on a course of action.

We do brain based rehabilitation, nutritional management, lifestyle modification, and follow up testing. It is extremely effective.

Do we accept every patient who comes to us?…NO.  Does every patient fully recover from fibromyalgia…NO.  But the majority DO…and it’s because we are so thorough and cutting edge in our approach.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for care in our office call 480-991-9355.

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