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GMO – One Thing All Fibromyalgia Sufferers Should Avoid

Dr. Chris Heimlich, DC, DACNB, Phoenix Fibromyalgia Doctor Comments:

If you are suffering with Fibromyalgia, then you need to avoid Genetically Modified Foods.

In March, Hungary introduced a new regulation that states seeds must be checked for GMO before they are introduced into the market.  As a result, almost 1,000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds have been destroyed throughout Hungary.  They ploughed it under and made sure the pollen has not spread from the maize.

The United States, meanwhile, is beginning to see the consequences of widely planted GMOs. In the mid-’90s, Monsanto introduced seeds genetically engineered to withstand its Roundup brand of herbicide. Today, these “Roundup Ready” crops are planted all across the U.S. — 94 percent of soybeans and more than 70 percent of corn and cotton contain the Roundup-resistant gene.

Here is why this should matter to you?

Several U.S. farmers reported sterility or fertility problems among pigs and cow fed on GM corn varieties.

Investigators in India have documented fertility problems, abortions, premature births, and other serious health issues, including deaths, among buffaloes fed GM cottonseed products.

GM peas caused lung damage in mice.

Bacteria in your gut can take up DNA from GM food.

Although it is important for everyone, it is critical for people suffering with Chronic Fatigue, Low Thyroid Symptoms, and Fibromyalgia to only put the best food into their bodies.  One good way to eat healthier is to join an organic co-op or shop at your local farmers market.